MoveMapper™ helps you move to another country quickly and painlessly for free (part) or €0.99 + VAT (all information).
The Android app helps you assess the visa / permit needed, find a job, pick a home, take your family, do a course, relocate, register and settle down.

Available countries:
United Kingdom
... other countries to follow!

The world is your oyster

The European Union (EU) is a huge labour market with “freedom of movement of people” at its heart.

Four million people migrate to the EU per year to work, study, retire among other reasons.

Are you considered moving but do not know how to?

Are you looking for new life and job opportunities?

Are you turned-off by the complexity, bureaucracy, time and effort required to decide?

Do you want to map out what is involved quickly and comprehensively?.

MoveMapper™ maps out the key issues for you: quickly and painlessly.

Customise the info

  • Pick your country: Germany or Britain, other countries will follow.
  • Create a profile (age, profession, etc.) or just skip, if you prefer.
  • The app filters the relevant information for you. Go for it!

Pick a category

Want to find a job, study or just travel? No problem, pick a category:

  • Formalities: what are the visa/work permits in Germany / UK? How do I get in? Where do I go?
  • Work: what are the wages and work conditions? How do I register and get a good job?
  • Housing: what are the costs and procedures for renting or buying a home?
  • Finance: what are the income taxes and insurance needed. Can I take my pension home?
  • Education: how do I find a language course, a school of an education course?
  • Family: can I take my partner and kids with? What child / family benefits exist and am I eligible?
  • Other: what are the costs of living, driving arrangements, elections and holidays. Can I bring my pet?

The MoveMapper™ app:

  • Filters and maps out the relevant information for you.
  • Digests and simplifies bureaucracy and complexity.
  • Directs you to more detailed information via links.
  • Allows you to make key decisions quickly.
  • Gives you control over your planned move.

Test it for free or buy the Android app for €0.99 + VAT.

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